Each year the school publishes a magazine called 'Span' (now 'highlife), which is produced primarily from the efforts of the students.

The format, focus and pubication quality has changed with time and it still remains a wonderful record of the school's achievements.

We have scanned the covers of all the available magazines held at the school and presented them as a slide show (accessible below). Out of the very first combined edition (1963-1964) to the 2003 edition, we are only missing the one from 1977. It is believed that a 1988 edition was not published.

Span Cover 1963-1964
Span Cover 1994
Span Cover 1997
The Bridge 1999

The school reported that the magazines for 2004, 2005, and 2006 were only to be available in an electronic format. In 2007 a Span was again printed, but demand by students and families fell short of expectations (on sale for $20 a copy).

For the four-year period 1998 to 2001 the magazine was published as 'The Bridge', rather than as the 'Span'. Can you help with any of the missing editions?

A decision is yet to be made on whether the entire contents of every magazine will be presented on this site, and what will be the best way to present this material.

To begin with, the first Span magazine (a combined edition for the initial years 1963 & 1964) is now available. We will work toward scanning & uploading more as time progresses.

The most recent Span magazine (for 2007) is uploaded here for a direct comparison with the original publication.

The first Span magazine gallery: 1963-1964
First Span Magazine
Gallery of Span / Bridge magazine covers
Span Covers
Span Magazine Gallery - 2007
Span Gallery 2007
Span Magazine 1963-1971
Span 1963-1971
Span Magazine 1972-1985
Span 1972-1985
Span Magazine 1986-1995
Span 1972-1985
Span Magazine 1996-2003
Span 1972-1985


2008 to 2010 Issues

Recent editions of the Span magazine are available in gallery format below.

2010 Span Magazine

2010 Span magazine

2009 Span Magazine

2009 Span magazine

2008 Span Magazine

2008 Span magazine

At the school we have found limited surplus supplies of some Span magazines (which are really not required by the school).

An accurate stock-take has yet to be carried out, but there are limited extra copies in the '70s and '80s editions, and a larger quantity in the 1990s and 2000+ editions.

The school is willing to sell copies surplus to their needs at a suggested a price of $20 each plus postage costs.

Contact Allan Searant at if you have an interest.